Tin Cans Ridden by TCS-GC members
The following ships were manned by members of our  Tin Can Sailor group. There is a link
to websites or info sites for each site. Some are reunion sites. If you find a better link, please let me know.
Click on each ship's name to go to that site. Use your back button to return to this site.

USS Arcadia AD-23  -  scrapped 1974
USS Arkansas CGN-41 -  status: recycled by Puget Sound Naval Shipyard
USS Barry DD-933    -  status: put on public display , Washington DC
USS Belknap CG-26 - sunk as target ship in  1998
USS Biddle DLG-34 - scrapped in 2001 by Metro Machine, Philadelphia
USS Blandy DD-943 -  scrapped 1996
USS Boyd  DD-544 -   scrapped 1981
USS Robert G Bradley FFG-49  - decommissioned, awaiting disposition
USS Bordelon DD-881 -  bought by Iran, sunk as target
USS C.K. Bronson DD - 668 - scrapped by Turkey 1987
USS Brumby - DE 1044  -  disposed 09/ 1994
USS Cone - DD 866 -  sold to Pakistan 1982. Scrapped 1998.
USS Decatur  -  DDG 31 - sunk as a target 2004
USS Dyess  DD-880 - sold to Greece 1981, cannabalized fo parts
USS Dewert FFG-45 -  active duty Haze gray and underway
USS Dewey DDG 45 & DLG-14 - scrapped 1994
USS Richard S Edwards  -  DD 950 - sunk as a target 1997
USS Harold J. Ellison DD-864 - expended as a missile target 1996
USS Everglades AD-24 -  scrapped in India, 1991
USS Fiske DD-842 -  sold to Turkey, scrapped 1991
USS Julius A Furer FFG-6 - scrapped 1994
USS Garcia FF-1040 -  scrapped 1994
USS Glennon DD-840 - sunk as target off Puerto Rico 1981
USS Grand Canyon AD-28 - sold for scrap 1980
USS Gregory DD-802 - sunk 1972 off San Clemente, Ca
USS Hammerburg - DE 1015
USS Hawes FFG 53
USS Hawkins DD 873
USS Halsey  CG 23 / DLG 23
USS Henderson DD 785
USS Henley DD-762 -
USS Hobson DD 464 & DMS 26
USS Holder  DD-819
USS Jonas Ingram DD-938
USS Isherwood DD-520
USS Johnston DD-821
USS Kidd DDG-993
USS Klakring FFG-45
USS Kretchmer DER-329
USS Livermore DD-429
USS Lowry DD-770
USS MacDonough DDG-39
USS DeWert FFG-45
USS Mahan DLG-11 & DDG-42
USS Edward McDonnell FF-1043
USS Mayo DD-422
USS McNair DD-679
USS Samuel E Morrison FFG-13
USS Nicholas DD-449
USS OBannon DD-987
USS James C. Owens DD-776
USS John R Perry DE-1034
USS Halsey Powell DD-626
USS Power DD-839
USS Prairie AD-15
USS Preble DDG-88/DDLG-15
USS Robinson DD-562
USS Charles H Roan DD-853
USS Sellers - DDG-11
USS Forrest Sherman DD-931
USS Shenandoah AD-26
USS Shields - DD-596
USS Semmes DDG-18
USS Soley - DD-707
USS Southerland DD-743
USS Sterrett - CG-31
USS Stoddard DD-566
USS Stribling DD-867
USS Strong - DD758
USS Talbot FFG-4
USS Thorn -  DD-988
USS Trippe FF-1075
USS Turner DD-834
USS Richmond K Turner  - CG-20 / DLG 20
USS Vicksburg  -  CG-69
Uss Voge FF-1047
USS Walker DD-517
USS Whitehurst DE-634
USS Yorktown CG-48
USS Yosemite AD-18